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7/17/2014 ~ 7/31/2014 (PDT)

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There is a $5 shipping fee for merchandise to be delivered within the United States. There is a $20 shipping fee for all merchandise to be delivered outside of Japan, excluding the United States.

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Now-eproject News

We are proud to announce that as of August 1, 2014, under the ownership of our new president Rie Tani, we will change our company name from Now-eproject to Visage.

Prompted by a restructuring of the company and a vision for expansion, we believe our new name better aligns us with the superior products we have always sought to represent. While our name and look will change, we will remain devoted to providing our customers with the finest designs and materials the beauty industry has to offer.

We look forward to your continued trust and patronage.

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7/7/2014 We updated Artist-Series on Individual Brushes categories.
6/3/2014 We updated Eye Blow Brushes and Liner Brushes on Individual Brushes categories.
4/25/2014 We updated Lip Brushes, BP-Series, R-LQ4, Mineral Powder Brushes, on Individual Brushes categories.
4/21/2014 Chikuhodo in Japan will be on vacation 5/3/2014 - 5/6/2014.
4/1/2014 We updated M-Series and BP-Series on Individual Brushes categories.
2/5/2014 We updated G-Series , K-Series , M-Series and R-Series on Individual Brushes categories.
12/28/2013 We updated R-Series and K-Series on Individual Brushes categories.
12/9/2013 Chikuhodo in Japan will be on vacation 12/29/2013 - 1/5/2014.
12/6/2013 We updated R-Series on Individual Brushes categories.

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